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{Lewd Awakening}
I'm barely there, i'm everywhere...
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  • I just don’t want this line of new generation to treat Tumblr, as my generations did to Myspace

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  • Just a viewer.

    A love story that seems to be at a ropes end constantly. Evermore increasing ones sensitive nature of certain emotions of love and loss. Caring upon a fictional distraught characters that feel to be in our everyday life or will be. I did feel the actors play their part and did pull some chords of the heart. Upon saying, I did not read the book, for I went to the premiere of “Fault In Our Stars”, henceforth my statement is voided by many already, for my vision of this film of mere observational commentary. Though my younger sister felt all due to being subdued from reading the book. I enjoyed the movie, nothing more nothing less. May oblivion be kind to you, for when you reach for the stars. -Lewd

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  • Nothing of a color…

    Grey, neither woe nor joy. A color that just brings me an almost discontent smile, so it seems to others. Embrance the ambiguity, the emptiness, and the entirety of all that is life. The color of conformity of being liberated,almost to the sense of knowledge. Grey! Grey! Grey! Saying the color gives no context unless given to. Nothing is everything, and everything is nothing.

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